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Effective Sewage Ejector Pump Service

Pipelife Plumbing LLC installs, replaces, and repairs sewage ejector pumps for customers in Miami Shores, Biscayne Park, El Portal and surrounding Florida communities.

Our licensed master plumber excels at sewage ejector pump service. Whether you need to install a new ejector pump or repair your existing system, our team handles each project with the highest standards to achieve quality results.


Sewage Ejector Pump Plumbing


The Benefits of Professional Sewage Ejector Pump Service

The sewage ejector pump requires a professional plumber for repairs or installation. Do not treat sewage plumbing as a DIY task. Sewer plumbing can get messy fast. If you cause damage to your system, it can cost thousands of dollars to correct the problem. You also risk damaging your home if wastewater floods into your basement.

Let the professionals handle maintenance or updates to sewer components. When you work with Pipelife Plumbing LLC, we handle the details and the mess to give you peace of mind.

  • Experienced Sewer Plumbers – Our team understands how to evaluate, diagnose, and repair your sewer pump effectively.
  • Quick Response – We know the urgency when wastewater stops flowing correctly. We work with you to schedule a technician to address the issue quickly.
  • Clean Service – We prioritize keeping your home clean. We wear protective gear and won’t track waste or water through your home.
  • Remove the Old Unit – If we replace your pump, we’ll dispose of the old unit.
  • Successful Outcomes – When you call us, you can trust we’ll resolve your plumbing issue. We offer cost estimates and explain your options so you can make an informed decision.

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Sewage Ejector Pump FAQs

When the sewage ejector pump malfunctions, wastewater backs up in your house. The toilet may overflow, or water may leak from the pipes.

In most cases, the first sign of failure is a foul odor lingering in the basement. The pump may not be clearing the waste through the system. Don’t wait until there’s a complete system failure. Instead, schedule maintenance if you notice a foul odor or sinks and toilets draining slowly.

An ejector pump removes sewage from areas of the home that sit below the sewer line. If you don’t have a finished basement or plumbing in the basement, you probably don’t need a sewage ejector pump.

A sump pump helps prevent flooding in areas of the home that sit below the water table line. Most Florida homes require a sump pump.

Ejector pumps install near the drain in the basement. They connect to the main sewer pipe and remove waste from the area where it collects.

Pipelife Plumbing LLC understands where to find the pump and how to manage repairs or a replacement.
sewage ejector pump

Trust Your Home’s Sewer Plumbing to Pipelife Plumbing LLC

We understand the importance of reliable sewer plumbing in your home. That’s why we only use high-quality parts and equipment. We install new systems and perform routine maintenance to keep your sewage ejector pump working well.

Our technicians will inspect your existing system before recommending any changes. We recommend the best solution to give you long-term results and peace of mind.

We serve customers in Miami Shores, Biscayne Park, El Portal and surrounding areas with quality and trusted plumbing services.